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Stairlifts are extremely safe when installed by our professional teams. At Landolov, medical equipment employees are trained to the high standards.

For the most part, stairlifts last about ten years, but this can vary depending on how often they are used and other variables. In order to get the most out of your stairlift, you need to keep an eye out for any warning signs and address them as soon as possible.

A stair lift typically uses.024kWh or 24 watts per hour on average. The exact amount of electricity used will vary depending on the model and how often it is used. That’s a yearly savings of about $15. A washing machine, on the other hand, consumes nearly three times as many watts per hour: 700 watts.

Stairlifts are powered by a battery with a low voltage. As a result, they operate at a much lower noise level. They produce a low-frequency hum, similar to that of a kitchen microwave. Your stairlift will make a loud beep before you begin your journey up the stairs.

Some people believe that stairlifts are attached to the wall, and removing them damages the surface. The truth is that a stair lift does not cause any damage to the stairway or the wall in the process of being installed.

Stairlifts have the ability to make sharp turns. Talk to a LandoLov expert who can help you find the best solution for your staircase, whether it’s for a straight or curved lift; the best option will be offered depending on your individual situation.

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