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Used Semi Electric Hospital Beds for Sale

LandoLov used semi-electric hospital bed ultra-light plus model from Drive Medical is semi-electric beds that is light, can be changed, and is easy to put together. It has new head and foot boards with high-impact composite end panels that can be switched out. The foot section weighs half as much as other foot sections, which makes your deliveries safer and easier. Only five parts are needed to put together a bed. Even the motor assembly can be put together or taken apart without using any tools while the patient is still in bed. The one-of-a-kind motor and junction box are self-contained to cut down on noise and keep things from getting in the way. Even if the power goes out, a 9-volt battery in the motor can be used to lower the head and foot sections up to nine times without having to turn a crank. The controls on a new and improved hand pendant are big and easy to use. The bed’s frame is made of channels, and the spring deck is coated with zinc to make it stronger and lighter. Landolov offers a used semi-electric bed to make mobility accessible for you without any barriers.

Bed Properties

  • Dimensions (L × W × H) 88.5″ × 35.75″ × 35.75″.
  • Bed height 15″ – 22.5″.
  • Material Steel Color Brown.
  • Casters 3″ Batteries 1 – 9V.
  • Semi-Electric Bed Weight capacity: 450 lbs.

LandoLov used semi-electric hospital beds are medical beds are quite comparable to hospital beds that are fully electric. Although full-electric and semi-electric hospital beds both employ motors to lift the head and foot sections of the bed, these homecare beds have the capacity to automatically raise or lower the height of the bed parallel to the floor. Full-electric hospital beds do not have this feature. To raise and lower the bed deck, a manual crank is typically used in semi-electric beds.

The height of the bed can be adjusted manually on these beds, but the head and foot positions are controlled by electric motors. That means the user can modify the position of the head and the foot of the bed by using the electric controls, but in order to adjust the height of the bed, they will need to use a hand crank, exactly like they would with a manual bed.

LandoLov used semi-electric hospital beds to offer peace of mind and save the hassle for you to find the perfect used semi-electric beds for sale at reasonable pricing.

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