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Used Electric Patient Lifts

Electrical lifts were made so that caregivers wouldn’t hurt their backs and so that residents could be moved with dignity. LandoLov’s used electric patient lifts are safe, comfortable, and an essential part of what caregivers do. Invacare lifts can hold up to 450 pounds, making transfers more accessible for the person being moved and the caregiver. The high lift range makes it easy to get in and out of chairs, toilets, floors, and beds (as long as there are at least 4.5 inches of space under the bed). The sturdy and helpful design of lifts gives you the answer you need to make sure health care is safe and effective. LandoLov offers used electric patient lift to make mobility accessible for you without any barriers.

Patients who are unable to move from one location to another may benefit from the electrical patient lifts, which were developed expressly for this purpose. This can be a relatively little distance, such as moving from a bed to a chair in a house. Even transporting a patient to and from the restroom is possible with it. The vast majority of the lifts are driven by either electric or linear actuators. Within the following paragraphs, we will go over how to use an electric patient lifts. When it comes to providing secure patient transfers at a medical facility or at home, Medical Lift is an efficient and affordable solution. This electric patient lift provides advantages to both the user and the caregiver due to the thoughtful design of the product. These lifts fulfill the essential function of lifting patients from their beds or other resting places in a secure and stress–free manner, thereby relieving the burden placed on the caregiver and reducing the risk of falls caused by a lack of muscle control and balance.

Caregivers are able to transfer patients to beds, wheelchairs, bathtubs, commodes, and other objects with relative ease when they have access to a high lift range and high–quality transfer slings.

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