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Used Electric Hospital Beds for Sale

The maximum level of ease for both the patient and the caregiver is provided by LandoLov’s used electric hospital bed. In addition to providing motorized positioning of the upper body and knees, the simple-to-operate pendant control also allows the height of the bed frame to be adjusted, allowing for more effective use of attachments as well as safe and simple transfer. LandoLov’s electric hospital beds are available to provide accessibility for mobility without any barriers.

  • Model: 5410IVC.
  • Patient weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Bed weight capacity (with all accessories): 450 lb.
  • Bed Properties.
  • Bed dimensions (L × W × H) 88″ × 36″ × 15″ – 23″.
  • Sleep surface (L × W) 80″ × 36″.

An electric bed helps you alter not just where your upper and lower bodies are positioned on the bed, but also the height of the bed itself. They have the potential to alleviate a wide range of medical conditions and significantly boost levels of comfort.

The quality of sleep that one gets and their position when sleeping can both have a significant impact on the severity of many different medical disorders. As a result, this blog post will walk you through the many advantages that electric beds may provide to people who suffer from a variety of medical diseases or afflictions, including limited mobility, complaints of swelling, arthritis, chronic pain, respiratory issues, acid reflux, and heartburn.

LandoLov used electric hospital beds to offer peace of mind and save the hassle for you to find the perfect hospital bed for sale at reasonable pricing.

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