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Used Bariatric Beds for Sale

LandoLov used bariatric hospital bed Drive Medical’s electric bed boasts a robust steel structure and a spacious sleeping area, ensuring its durability and safety. This robust device has a weight limit of 600 pounds and a 42-inch sleep surface, which is larger than a standard bed. The hand control provided with this completely electric bariatric beds gives several configurations, with a split-pan design that performs smoothly and silently and adjusts your patient into the correct position with minimal fuss. The bariatric bed and its removable bed ends are tool-free to assemble upon delivery. Landolov offers used bariatric hospital beds for sale to make mobility accessible for you without any barriers.

  • Bed dimensions (L × W × H) 88″ × 42.5″ × 39.375″
  • Casters size 6″
  • Bed height ranges 12.25″ – 20.125″
  • Ground clearance 3.25″ – 11.125″
  • Headboard height ranges 25.5″ – 33.75″
  • Head section height ranges 35″ – 42.875″
  • Foodboard height ranges 23″ – 30.875″
  • Foot section height ranges 24.5″ – 32.375″
  • Product color Brown
  • Product material Steel
  • Motors 15300MH (Head); 15300MF (Foot); 15300HL (Hi/Low);
  • Product weight 276 lbs.

Bariatric care beds are intended for people who are heavier and larger than average, they are often larger than standard beds. In comparison, the width of a standard single bed is typically 3 feet (or 90 cm), whereas the width of this bed is often 4 feet (or 120 cm), providing more room for the larger individual. It is not necessary for bariatric hospital beds to be kept in a healthcare facility; these beds are also appropriate for usage in the comfort of one’s own home. They can be used for extended periods of time in the same manner that a regular bed would be used.

LandoLov used a bariatric hospital bed to offer peace of mind and save the hassle for you to find the perfect hospital beds at reasonable pricing.

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